Monday, February 23, 2009

Music History

Okay so I have my first huge test in Music History II today. She has two midterms and a final. The first "midterm" is today, but it's broken up into two days because it's so big that it won't fit into one day. HA! I think I'm ready, so we'll see I guess.
Then tonight I have my first "spring" choir concert and a world-renowned composer, whose music we're singing in the concert, is going to direct the choirs. We had a rehearsal with her yesterday, and it went well, so I'm excited about tonight.
Also today, my cousin is having surgery to remove as much as possible of a brain tumor they found last week. The doctors said that it was "agressive," and that it needed to be dealt with right away. So we're all praying that the surgery goes well today, that there are not any complications, and that God would just keep His hand on the situation.
Well school calls, so I better be off!

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Shannon @ Silver Trappings said...

I prayed for you this morning for your test. And I'm looking forward to tonight. Have a good day.